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Collectible Automobile Insurance
You've poured time, effort and a lot of money into your collectible
auto. It's not just a hobby, it's your passion. When you're
cruising those beautiful country roads, the last thing you want to
worry about is if you have the right insurance policy.

Our agency offers collectible auto insurance through JC Taylor,
one of the world's largest producers of specialty automobile
insurance. They know this industry. They know these cars. And
best of all, they know you. They know this isn't just a car to you.
It's your time machine, your memory scrapbook. It's your hobby,
your passion, your refuge, your joy. And nobody else cares for
your car like your friends at JC Taylor.

JC Taylor Agency has been involved with the antique and
classic automobile hobby since the mid-1950's. JC Taylor is
known nationally for its support of the hobby through its
specialty products, quality services, & support for local and
national clubs.

Early on, the JC Taylor Agency recognized the need for a special
insurance product to address the needs of the automobile
hobbyist. After Bob Wallace, Sr. purchased the agency, he
expanded the program nationally. Today, JC Taylor Antique
Automobile Agency is the largest producer of antique and
classic auto insurance, offering insurance in every state, except

What Can Be Insured?

First, our Antique & Classic Auto Policy insures vehicles 19
years of age and older, including:

  •  Muscle Cars
  •  Convertibles
  •  Coupes
  •  Retractables
  •  Station Wagons
  •  Vintage Motorcycles
  •  Woodies
  •  Corvettes
  •  Sedans
  •  Steam Automobiles
  •  Horseless Carriages
  •  Light Trucks
  •  Farm Tractors
  •  Antique Delivery Trucks
  •  Military Vehicles

Second, our Modified Auto Policy insures other specialty
vehicles including:

  •  Street Rods
  •  Customs
  •  Modifieds
  •  Replicas
  •  Kit Cars
  •  Hot Rods
  •  Exotics
  •  Rare Vehicles
  •  Resto-rods

Contact our agency for more information or to get a quote for
your collectible automobile insurance.